Which color of lipstick with your skin color?

 Choosing the good lipstick which is fitting you, is pretty complicated.

Discover here which lipstick color is fitting your skin color.

It is the melanin, in your cell that give the color to your skin.

You have to choose the right lipstick according to your skin color.

To know what smile to display a red grape, raspberry or coral, follow these tips!
And even if there are a very large number of skin colors, we generally retain 4 large families of skin complexion:

– The porcelain complexion: very white
– Light complexion: a little more pigmented but very light
– Medium complexion: which encompasses the golden and heated complexion
– The dark complexion: that goes from the mixed skin to black

Once your complexion is identified, you should know what color family is right for you.

Two groups are identified:

– Hot colors: with violated red, red or coral.
– Cold colors: purple, lilac and purple.

  • What lipstick to wear when you have light skin?

People who have porcelain and clear complexion, you can almost everything allow you!

Just about all hot and cold shades you go to complexion even though the colors that you go most are:
The orange red,
The pale pink,
The color apricot.

maquillage bouche rose

Pink mouth makeup

  • What Lipstick to wear when one has the skin heated?

If you have naturally gilded skin, then do not hesitate to bring a touch of pep’s to your complexion.

Dare the multivitaminated color-block with:

Bright red,
Or orange pop.

You can also play with lipstick colored caramel, beige, honey or even slightly brown.
Red mouth makeup

maquillage bouche rouge

  • What Lipstick to wear when you have dark skin?

The ideal for those who have very dark and black skins, is to choose cold colors.
Plum, for black skins, is the height of chic. But you can also treat yourself with burgundy lipstick, red carmine or pink fuschia.

The important thing is to bring gloss to your lips so bet instead on gloss to play the iridescent touch.

Makeup mouth plum

maquillage bouche prune

  • What about the matte lipstick?

This is the trend for a few seasons already. The matte lipstick is nice but be careful to make the right choice!


If your lips are not impeccable, then forget!
The dullness of these reds only accentuates any fine lines and streaks that are found on the lips.
So if yours are not perfectly smooth, in this case, do not try.

Likewise if your lips are very fine. The gloss of classic lipsticks usually creates an optical effect and one has the impression that the mouth is more pulpy although in reality, this is not really the case.

So opt for a matte lipstick, only if your lips are fleshy


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